Structural Engineers Association of Utah

Past SEAU Board of Directors

Year President Pres-Elect Past President Board Members Board Members Board Members Board Members
18-19 Tait Ketcham Michael Buehner Troy Dye Michelle Quinn Jeff Ambrose Lukas Balling Cambria Flowers
17-18 Troy Dye Tait Ketcham Kim Robinson Mike Molyneux Michelle Quinn Craig Wilkinson Gerald McKenzie
16-17 Kim Robinson Troy Dye Don Barfuss Matt Deamer Mike Molyneux Phil Miller Craig Wilkinson
15-16 Don Barfuss Kim Robinson Jerod Johnson Jason Christensen Matt Deamer Brett Goodman Phil Miller
14-15 Jerod Johnson Don Barfuss Scott Roche Jermey Achter Jason Christensen Tait Ketcham Brett Goodman
13-14 Scott Roche Jerod Johnson Chris Kimball Chandra Clyde Jermey Achter Dallin Pedersen Tait Ketcham
12-13 Chris Kimball Scott Roche Dave Pierson Dorian Adams Chandra Clyde Curtis Earl Dallin Pedersen
11-12 Dave Pierson Chris Kimball Chris Barker Mike Linford Dorian Adams Jay Adams Curtis Earl
10-11  Chris Barker Dave Pierson Mark Harris Jerod Johnson Mike Linford Chris Hofheins Jay Adams
09-10 Mark Harris Chris Barker Glen Palmer Troy Dye Jerod Johnson John Coffey Chris Hofheins
08-09 Glen Palmer Mark Harris Barry Welliver Chris Kimball Troy Dye Cliff Cole John Coffey
07-08 Barry Welliver Glen Palmer Jeff Miller Russ Merrill Shaun Packer Chris Kimball Cliff Cole
06-07 Jeff Miller Barry Welliver Julie Ott Russ Merrill Shaun Packer Don Barker Mike Buehner
05-06 Julie Ott Jeff Miller Barry Arnold Don Barker Don Barfuss Jake Watson Mike Buehner
04-05 Barry Arnold Julie Ott Ron Dunn Kim Robinson Brent Maxfield Don Barfuss Jake Watson
03-04 Ron Dunn Barry Arnold Larry Reaveley Jeff Miller Carl Erikkson Kim Robinson Brent Maxfield
02-03 Larry Reaveley Ron Dunn James Williams Barry Arnold Julie Ott Jeff Miller Carl Erikkson
01-02 James Williams Larry Reaveley Steve Cohen Chris Barker David Brown Barry Arnold Julie Ott
00-01 Steve Cohen James Williams Parry Brown Dave Pierson David Alter Chris Barker David Brown
99-00 Parry Brown Steve Cohen Kelly Calder Steven Judd Ron Dunn Dave Pierson Dave Alter
98-99 Kelly Calder Parry Brown Craig Cartwright David Smith Sarah Winkler Steven Judd Ron Dunn
97-98 Craig Cartwright Kelly Calder J.R. Richards Brent Maxfield Duane Greene David Smith Sarah Winkler
96-97 J.R. Richards Craig Cartwright Brent White James Williams Parry Brown Brent Maxfield Duane Greene
95-96 Brent White J.R. Richards George Aposhian Steve Cohen Gary Knighton James Williams Parry Brown
94-95 George Aposhian Brent White Earle Eppich George Hansen Norm Bennion Steve Cohen Gary Knighton
93-94 Earle Eppich George Aposhian Ron Weber Kelly Calder Kent Rich George Hansen Norm Bennion
92-93 Ron Weber Earle Eppich David Curtis Jim Bailey JR Kelly Calder Kent Rich
91-92 David Curtis Ron Weber Erik Kandainen Craig Cartwright Jim Bailey JR Richards Brent White
90-91 Eric Kankainen David Curtis George Hansen Brent White Craig Cartwright Jeff Miller Chuck Richardsen
89-90 George Hansen Eric Kankainen Ken Wilmore Jeff Miller Jim Bailey Chuck Richardsen Brent White
88-89 Ken Wilmore George Hansen Ken Karren Earle Eppich Eric Kankainen Bill Karren Jim Bailey
87-88 Ken Karren Ken Wilmore Leon Tanner Scott McNiel Earle Eppich Eric Kankainen George Hansen
86-87 Leon Tanner Ken Karren Kent Rich Leon Williams Ken Wilmore Scott McNiel George Hansen
85-86 Kent Rich Leon Tanner Chris Pickett Leon Williams Ron Weber Ken Willmore Ken Karren
84-85 Chris Pickett Kent Rich Morris Page Leon Tanner Lee Sargent Ken Karren Ron Weber
83-84 Morris Page Chris Pickett Newland Malmquist Leon Tanner Robert Campbell Lee Sargent Stan Crawley
82-83 Newland Malmquist George Aposhian Ed Allen Chris Pickett Stan Crawley Scott McNiel Parry Brown
81-82 Ed Allen Dave Curtis Ron Reaveley Chris Pickett Morris Page Newland Malmquist Arnold Coon
80-81 Ron Reaveley Ron Weber   Rich Hughes Ed Allen Arnold Coon Larry Reaveley

Past Conferences

2018     February 20-21     Layton, UT
2017     February 21-22     Provo, UT
2016     February 23-24     Layton, UT
2015     February 24-25     Provo, UT
2014     February 25-26     Layton, UT
2013     February 23-24     Salt Lake City, UT

Upcoming Events

2019 Golf Tournament flyer-1.jpg
12th Annual SEAU Scholarship Golf Tournament
08/29/2019 12:00 PM
Glen Eagle Golf Course - Syracuse, UT
Digital Brochure - Utah Forest to Frame Page 001.jpg
Forest to Frame - Mass Timber from a Utah Perspective
09/05/2019 8:00 AM
Euclid Timber Frames - 3093 South Highway 189 - Heber City, UT
SEAU Fall social.png
Fall Social
09/17/2019 5:00 PM
Red Butte Gardens