Structural Engineers Association of Utah

AIAA Distinguished Lecturer: Charlie Vono

USU Engineering Building, ENGR 203 Logan, UT

Starts: 10/11/2018 6:00 PM MST
Ends: 10/11/2018 7:00 PM MST


USU Alumni, Charlie Vono, returns to spend an hour telling us stories about his frst assignment in the USAF, in-fight refueling SR-71s world-wide in the Strategic Air Command during the Cold War. Charlie will explain how KC-135 tankers were retro-fted with high-tech to be able to support the fastest manned aircraf ever fown. Flying above 50,000 feet and above Mach 3, nothing could touch the SR-71. To set the stage, Charlie will discuss geopolitcs of WWII and the post war peri-od. He can do this from a very personal point of view. His Dad, Mike Vono, was a B-24 ball turret gunner fying out of Italy up the Adriatc to bomb Germany. His Uncle, Charles Vono, was a gunner in every major naval batle in the Pacifc. Char-lie earned his B.S. in Astronautcal Engineering from the USAF Academy in 1976, M.S. in Systems Management from the University of Southern California in 1985, and his M.S. in Mechanical Engineering from USU in 1995. Charlie is a retred USAF colonel, retred aerospace engineer, and an AIAA distnguished lecturer. Dis-cover more at

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