Structural Engineers Association of Utah

When does conference registration open? 

Conference Registration typically opens the November before the February Conference. 

How can I obtain a copy of the digital presenter slides? 

Digital copies of class slides are available to registered participates. You should have received them via email prior to the conference. If you did not receive the link, email  

How is the conference location choosen? 

Location of the conference is chosen based on a number of factors. We first try to choose a location that is closest to the majority of our members. We then look for conference centers that can meet our needs and stay within our budget in that particular area. Even though the majority of our members reside within or near Salt Lake County, there are currently no conference venues in Salt Lake County that can meet our conference needs. That is why we have decided to alternate between the Utah Valley Convention Center and the Davis Conference Center.

How are conference topics and presenters choosen? 

Conference topics are chosen by the SEAU Programs committee. The committee takes into account upcoming code updates, new changes within the engineering community, and survey responses from the previous conference. Presenters are then chosen based on who may be an expert in that particular field.

How do I obtain my PDH Certificate? 

Go to the SEAU Conference tab on and select the “PDH Certificates” tab. Simply choose the class that you wish to receive credit for and enter the four-digit code you received during the presentation.

Why did SEAU switch to a digital PDH certificate system? 

As the annual conference continues to grow, the need to streamline processes does too. In the past, the executive director manually recorded, generated, and emailed out the certificates for the conference. With over 400 engineers attending the conference, it is no longer feasible for the executive director to accomplish this task in a timely manner hence the reason PDH certificates are now digital. 

How can I become involved?

The Programs Committee is always looking for new engineers to assist with the planning and implementing of the Annual SEAU Conference as well as our monthly seminars. Contact the Programs Committee Chair at .




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