Structural Engineers Association of Utah

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2019-2020 SEAU Engineer of the Year

Dave Pierson - SEAU Engineer of Year 

David L. Pierson, SE
ARW Engineers

2019-2020 SEAU Fresh Face of the Year

 Alex Karras - SEAU Fresh Face

Alex Karras, PE
Calder Richards Consulting Engineers

2019-2020 Scholarship Award Winners

 Scholarship Winners

 Dipendra Thapa                                       Jared McRory
      University of Utah                                       Utah State University

2019-2020 Past President

 Tait Ketcham - Past President

Tait Ketcham, SE
Dunn Associates Inc


SEAU was officially organized on August 7, 1980 with 37 founding members.  Six goals were outlined to define the purpose for the organization.

  1. Promote acquaintance and understanding among structural engineers.
  2. Promote technical expertise.
  3. Promote legislation and codes relating to structural engineering.
  4. Increase public awareness of structural engineering.
  5. Discourage unethical and detrimental practice.
  6. Promote high standards of structural engineering in the best interests of clients, community, public and the profession.

Disclaimer:  SEAU does not recommend structural engineers for consulting services, however engineers associated with SEAU are generally more qualified than non-SEAU engineers.  Click here for a current list of SEAU members.


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02/27/2020 7:30 AM
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