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The primary responsibility of the Legislative Committee is to promote legislative, rules, and public policy activities that are consistent with the goals of SEAU. This includes national, state, and local activities. This is an advocacy committee. The duties include:

- Monitor Utah State Legislature when in session
- Review proposed bills for impact or of interest to SEAU
- Coordinate with SEAU board
- Coordinate with UEC Legislative Committee or other organizations on issues of common interest
- Pursue legislative, rules, and policy actions as directed by the SEAU board
- Monitor activities or positions of similar organizations in other states
- Report to the SEAU board
- Prepare newsletter article


1. Monitor the State Legislature for proposed legislation which may affect structural and design profession.

2. Keep the membership and the Board of Directors informed on current and future legislation which may affect the profession.

3. Play the major role in coordinating efforts to apply the organization's influence on legislative proposals deemed appropriate by the membership and/or the Board of Directors

Committee Positions


David Pierson