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1. Be a resource for the SEAU Board of Director. Help the Board further the goals of the organization in relationship to seismic and other issues.

2. Help other committees where needed with seismic issues.

3. Interface with the National Council of Structural Engineers (NCSE) on common seismic issues.

4. Solicit input from both SEAU membership and its board of director to help the committee develop a SEAU consensus guideline document defining appropriate requirements for the upgrading of existing building. Have the document-adopted statewide. Or recommend a developed or in development document that will provide the same type of result (a safer building environment in the State of Utah).

5. Probe the possibility of developing a unified state approach to aid school districts manage and replace existing schools that are seismically challenged. Should schoolwork require that the EOR be a SE? Should only SE's do school review? Is value engineering only a cost cutting activity or does it provide real value to the projects?

6. Continue to monitor what California does in relationship to the IBC and seismic provisions.

7. Develop a five-year plan of action (goals).


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Lukas Balling