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Delegates: UEC


The primary responsibility of the UEC Delegate is to represent SEAU at the Utah Engineers Council, which is an organization of professional engineering societies in the state of Utah. Monthly meetings are held from September through June. UEC sponsors an annual awards banquet, usually corresponding with National Engineers Week in February, and publishes an annual journal. The awards include Engineer of the Year and Educator of the Year for the State of Utah. A scholarship for a student of one of the major universities is also awarded. The specific duties include:

Attend monthly meetings
Participate as assigned to UEC committees or other assignments
Coordinate activities with SEAU
Expedite SEAU selections of candidates for Engineer of the Year and Educator of the Year.
Coordinate with above candidates
Submit applications and resumes for the above to UEC
Expedite SEAU selection for UEC journal article to be assigned to an SEAU board member
Edit and submit above article to UEC
Attend UEC Awards Banquet
Report on activities to SEAU
Expedite SEAU annual fees to UEC


Committee Positions


Craig Wilkinson