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Existing Buildings


The purpose of the SEAU Existing Buildings Committee is to study, research and make recommendations for the evaluation and rehabilitation of existing buildings.  Much of the committee's efforts are spent educating the public on the need for properly appraising the seismic risk of existing buildings and rehabilitating these buildings when necessary. In the "Existing Buildings" portion of the SEAU Library we have included several documents that will be useful to design professionals, building officials and building owners (http://www.seau.org/?a=appLibrary&p=viewLibraryCategoryItems&id=10).


  • Assist SEAU Board in development of position paper or statement regarding existing unreinforced masonry buildings.

  • Develop outreach educational programs on unreinforced masonry buildings.

  • Review existing code requirements and publications related to existing buildings.

  • Review work of other state existing building code committees.

Committee Positions


Glen E Palmer